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Driver for Zapmoto

What's It Like Driving for Zapmoto?

A Zapmoto Driver is a contractor responsible for safely and efficiently transporting vehicles for businesses, including to and from auto dealerships and their customers!

What sets Zapmoto apart from other rideshare apps is the ability to team drive and earn $ while working with a spouse or friend! You aren't required to have a team, you can also drive and earn solo!

  • Software By using the Zapmoto app or other 3rd party software, Drivers are able to see and accept available trips. Before accepting the trip, a driver can see the dollar amount they will earn by completing the trip, as well as the pickup address! Further, the app guides the drivers on the step by step process to complete the trip!
  • Pay Pay is (almost) instantaneous and available in the Zapmoto Driver app as trips are completed! Drivers can choose to be paid out via a 3-4 day ACH transfer, or same day for a flat $3 fee (request must be submitted before 2pm on a weekday).
  • Delight people! Drivers are key in delivering a great experience to our dealership partner's customers. The best way to do this is by being punctual, communicating with customers if delays arise and presenting a professional image (collared shirt recommended with Zapmoto vest and lanyard). Drivers who move through orders efficiently, applying Zapmoto best practices will earn good pay and have a great experience!